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  1. Robert Hainard

    11 September 1906, Geneva – 26 December 1999, Gland

    Sculptor, wood engraver, painter and draftsman.
    Naturalist, writer and philosopher.

    Son of the Geneva painters Eugénie Béchard and Philippe Hainard.
    Husband of Germaine Hainard-Roten.
    Artist and philosopher, Robert Hainard devoted his life to defending his thoughts and sharing his observations on the inexhaustible richness of the natural world.

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  2. Germaine Hainard-Roten

    2 December 1902, Nuremberg – 29 November 1990, Bernex

    Artiste peintre.
    Fille de Bertha Roten-Calpini. Épouse de Robert Hainard.

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  3. Berthe Roten-Calpini

    3 May 1871, Sion – 26 June 1962, Sion

    Valaisan painter.
    Mother of Germaine Hainard-Roten.

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  4. Eugénie Hainard-Bechard

    7 April 1882, Geneva – 29 December 1948, Geneva

    Painter and drawing teacher.
    Wife of Philippe Hainard. Mother of Robert Hainard.

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  5. Philippe Hainard

    10 April 1879, Fleurier – 19 April 1938, Geneva

    Painter and teacher at the School of Industrial Arts and the School of Fine Arts in Geneva.
    Husband of Eugénie Hainard-Béchard. Father of Robert Hainard.

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